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Max Ehrich Claims He Learned About ‘His Current Relationship Status from a Tabloid’, Source Says Otherwise


The Couple Broke off their 2 months engagement earlier this Week

Max Ehrich claimed he found out about his split from Demi Lovato from a tabloid.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Ehrich wrote he is filming a biopic movie.

“Imagine finding out to the status of your relationship through a tabloid”

Max Ehrich

Adding: “While your in the middle of filming a biopic movie about a Pastor in a Christian Church whose intention of the film is to help people.”

Max Ehrich

The news of their broken engagement came on Thursday. Before that, rumours that Max Ehrich had ‘thirsted’ over Selena Gomez in the past.

Max signed off Instagram after writing ‘God Bless.’

Max Ehrich

According to a source, Demi Lovato did not trust Max’s intentions.

“She didn’t know who Max truly was and didn’t think he had good intentions. There were many red flags she was ignoring and trying to turn a blind eye to.”

Another source came forward: “She doesn’t trust him and thinks he’s sketchy. She feels he proposed to get attention.”

Demi Lovato shared a video of herself post the split. She is seen without her engagement ring in the glam video.

Max Ehrich splits from Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

Wearing a T-shirt that read ‘Dogs over People’, Lovato did not make comments about her relationship.

A third source added that Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato’s relationship began to go downhill after their engagement.

The pair got engaged two months ago
Max Ehrich and Demi

“Things started going downhill. They were arguing a lot and Demi didn’t want him to go without her. There has been a lot of tension and Demi left him to get a clear head.”

However, the ‘Its Ok not to be Ok’ singer is distraught over the split.

“She really loved him and wanted it to work. Demi is really upset and distraught about it.”

Twitter is on Lovato’s side prior the split. After Max’s comment, twitteratis accused Ehrich for trying to smear Demi’s reputation.

Another retweeted Demi’s old tweet, with the caption: dear Max Ehrich.

Third stated a possible reunion reason between Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

Other users called out Max Ehrich for being manipulative, problematic and attention seeking.

Lovato’s fans are on war path after Ehrich’s comments.

Another user claimed that Max Cheated on Lovato during the pandemic.


Another source revealed that Demi Lovato informed Max Ehrich about the broken engagement.

“Demi made Max aware that the relationship was over and it was going to come out in the press,” a source said.

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