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Watch Dallas Police save a unconscious man’s life from a burning car


Dallas authorities are crediting residents for assisting officers saving the life of a man who was unconscious and trapped inside a burning car.

Authorities got 911 calls about a fiery six-vehicle crash about 6:40 p.m. on Sept. 19, police said.

Officers Jonathan Calder, Jonathan Martinez and Israel Banales got to the scene to find a vehicle almost engulfed in flames.

” Once we surpassed the intersection, we drove up and we heard other citizens stating, ‘There’s somebody in the automobile, there’s somebody in the automobile,'” Martinez stated Saturday.

The officers jumped out of their police car and raced towards the burning car. The man inside appeared unconscious.

The officers’ body cameras captured the traumatic rescue.

Calder stated the “car was melting and leaking onto me” when he went into the vehicle to try to save the motorist. However the seatbelt was stuck, and the intense heat and smoke required Calder to step back.

Officers assisted by some bystanders smashed the car’s windows, while others put water on the flames, authorities said.

One bystander cut the seatbelt with a knife, permitting rescuers to pull the man to safety, Banales stated.

The man suffered major burns and was rushed to a regional health center. An update on his condition was not immediately offered.

The officers stated the rescue was possible thanks to the bravery of neighborhood members who stepped in to help.

” Three officers alone pulling on this guy wouldn’t have actually made it,” Martinez said. “It was the combination of the citizens putting their lives on the line, getting closer to that car, assisting pull the gentleman out of the car, utilizing water, using resources that they had.”

Calder added: “Without the people of Dallas, we would not have had the ability to successfully saved him. So I thank them for that.”

The cause of the crash is under examination.

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