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The Motive in fatal Erebus Haunted House shooting was over cutting in line


A Michigan man was fatally shot and his attacker is on the loose after the pair is believed to have had an argument while standing in the line to get into a Detroit haunted home, authorities stated.

The victim, a 29-year-old Detroit man, was with his girlfriend waiting to get in Erebus Haunted Home on South Perry Street soon after 12:30 a.m. Sunday when “a male in line ahead of them was stagnate,” the Oakland County Sheriff Office said in a news release later that day.

“The victim and the suspect exchanged words as the suspect thought the victim had actually cut in line ahead of him,” authorities included.

The victim then told his girlfriend he was going to his automobile in a neighboring parking lot. It’s unclear when the other man also left the line and made his way to the lot, however police stated witnesses later on heard bullets being fired.

The victim, whose name was not right away released, was shot in the neck, chest and side, cops said. He was discovered on the ground and was rushed to an area medical facility, however did not make it.

Authorities supplied pictures of the believed shooter, whom they referred to as a thin black male roughly 6 feet high, wearing denims and an orange hoodie. They also shared pictures of a blue sedan that was seen getting away the scene after the shooting.

No arrest has been made as of yet.

Brent Stephens
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