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Sony removing product categories on the PlayStation store web and mobile versions


Sony is scaling back the PlayStation shop on web and mobile platforms, according to a report.

Sony is apparently scaling back the PlayStation shop on web and mobile platforms.

The tech giant is stated to be upgrading the PlayStation Shop in order to move older items like the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP out of the spotlight.

In the coming weeks, Sony is planning to eliminate a number of product categories – including a few of the older PlayStation consoles – from its platforms, according to Planete Vita.

The website declares to have actually seen a message sent by Sony Interactive Entertainment about the planned modifications.

The report states that the changes are set to come into effect on October 19 on web, while they’ll be implemented through the mobile app on October 28.

Previously this year, on the other hand, PlayStation president Jim Ryan hailed the company’s PlayStation 5 console, saying it will produce a “paradigm shift” in the industry.

Asked what the next-gen console offers to consumers, he stated: “We think 3D audio is a paradigm shift. We think the functionality of the new controller, which again has to be experienced to be fully appreciated, is a paradigm shift.

“We think the the SSD [solid state drive] storage mechanism, and the way that it can actually help you move between worlds in games and eliminate loading times is a paradigm shift.

“You know, we went to great lengths to show that off with considerable length in The Ratchet and Clank demo. You saw the way that Ratchet was moving from world to world.

“On previous generations, the character would have needed to walk down a corridor while loading was going on in the background. Now it just happens instantaneously.”

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