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Berlin Tourism Campaign Provokes Anti-maskers With ‘Middle Finger’ Ad


  • Berlin ad sticks middle finger to mask rule breakers

  •  The ad, launched by the Berlin Senate and Visit Berlin, initially appeared on Tuesday proved controversial.

Berlin’s tourism authority has launched an ad campaign featuring an elderly woman giving the middle finger to people who refuse to wear masks, writes George Wright for BBC.

“The raised index finger for all those without a mask,” reads the poster, alongside a photo of the masked woman.

What Happened?

Visit Berlin has said the campaign is to highlight the importance of protecting the health of the elderly.

But the campaign has proved controversial, with some in Germany calling it insulting.

Viral on Social Media

The “We obey the corona rules” ad, launched by the Berlin Senate and Visit Berlin, initially appeared on Tuesday in a local newspaper, but it quickly spread on social media.

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Poster Resemblance

Full crop of the ad

Christian Tänzler, the spokesman for Visit Berlin, said the poster – which is part of a wider campaign – is to remind people to follow rules in the city.

“Most Berliners and our guests respect and follow the corona rules but some people don’t. These people risk the lives of older people and people from the at-risk community,” he told the BBC.

“We wanted to give attention to this problem. For this reason, we have chosen this provocative motif.”

The ad has a distinctly Berlin tone, Mr. Tänzler added.

“Berliners are very well known for their direct communication,” he said, adding that he thought many Brits would appreciate the humor.

“We use it in a very direct way to communicate with exactly the people who are not respecting the rules.”

Campaign Displeased?

But the campaign has not been to everyone’s taste. Lorenz Maroldt, editor-in-chief of Berlin’s Der Tagesspiegel newspaper, was not a fan.

“I think the ad is in a way ‘classic Berlin’ and would work out well without the dysfunctional corona-politics of the Senate as a contrast to it,” he said.

“The Senate seems to think that insulting people is more successful than strict, clear rules with efficient controls. They failed with that completely.”

New Contradiction

Some have also been confused as the text says “index finger” while the woman is raising her middle finger. Visit Berlin has said the contradiction is deliberate.

Health Issues

Others have pointed out that some people cannot wear masks for health reasons.

“Our target group was people who are not respecting the lives of others,”Mr. Tänzler said.

“If some people feel personally attacked because they are not able to wear a mask, that was not our aim. I apologize for that,” he said.

The local leader of Angela Merkel’s CDU, Kai Wegner, has criticised the senate, which is run by a coalition of the Social Democrats, the Left party and the Greens.

“The situation is too serious for stupid jokes,” he said.

The local newspaper Tagesspiegel said the campaign may have already achieved its aim, however.

“In spite of everything, it’s easier to understand than the nth extension of the umpteenth edict,” the newspaper said in its newsletter.

Visit Berlin said it was not currently planning to use the image with the angry pensioner again.

Pratiti Nath
Pratiti Nath
Pratiti is a maritime editor and freelance writer based out of India. Having biotechnology and microbiology degree she writes on healthcare, medical, food, sports, and general news at Drew Reports News. She can be reached at pratiti@drewreportsnews.com
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