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Huwaei Implicated for Chinese Ties


In a major development, the Chinese telecom giant  Huwaei has been implicated in colluding with the Chinese state.

Huwaei has been categorically under the scanner for its links with the Chinese government. Both in the UK and the US, governments were looking to ban Huwaei equipment for their possible data breach. Many in the West believe that the Chinese government is spying on people using Huwaei’s technology.

It’s because of this, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said of discontinuing Huwaei 5G technology by 2027.

Now, a UK defense committee report has highlighted that there is clear evidence of ties with the Chinese state and the UK government is planning to remove Huwaei equipment from UK markets

This comes at a time when the market is already quite apprehensive of Huwaei’s future in the West. 

The parliamentary committee has made it clear that  Huwaei devices will be banned sooner than expected. The defense committee says that the act of purging Huwaei’s 5G network would be done by 2025 as they need to act fast to stop this alleged snooping. 

National Security at Stake

Speaking to the parliament, Tobias Ellwood, the chairman of the defense committee said 

“the West must urgently unite to advance a counterweight to China’s tech dominance”.

 “We must not surrender our national security for the sake of short-term technological development”, he added further. 

While the exact nature of ties between Huwaei and the Chinese state remains unclear, it is quite clear that the company has connections with the Chinese Communist Party, informed the Committee. 

Company Says Report Not Credible

Huwaei on the other hand has refuted the claims made in the defense report and said that it lacked credibility.

 A Huwaei Spokesman said that they are sure that people will see through the baseless accusation and remember the company for what it is. The tech giant underlined that the report was based on opinion and didn’t have any solid facts. 

Meanwhile, the Chinese foreign ministry has said that the UK should think before speaking as the interest of the Chinese companies are being categorically damaged. 

“The openness and fairness of the UK market, as well as the security of foreign investments there, is highly concerning,” the foreign ministry spokesperson said on Friday.

Global Dominance in Question

Senior UK ministers and officials have raised the issue of the sudden global dominance of Huwaei. They are quite skeptical of their activities.

While the West has been categorically implicating on Huwaei’s tie-up with the Chinese state partly because of the global coronavirus pandemic which started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the company reiterates that they are indeed clean.

The company has repeatedly said that they don’t have any ties with the Chinese state and their devices are absolutely safe and don’t compromise on privacy. Huwaei has alleged that they are being deliberately targeted in the West as people are jealous of their success. 

Huwaei has been in the UK market for more than 20 years now. 

Pratiti Nath
Pratiti Nath
Pratiti is a maritime editor and freelance writer based out of India. Having biotechnology and microbiology degree she writes on healthcare, medical, food, sports, and general news at Drew Reports News. She can be reached at pratiti@drewreportsnews.com
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