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Jayshienm Daniels Defense claims his shooting of Bronx 8 yr old was a accident


An reckless man apparently shot his sweetheart’s sleeping 8-year-old daughter in the stomach last month– after recklessly firing a weapon he thought was not loaded, Bronx prosecutors stated Thursday in court.

“The defendant carelessly assumed the firearm was unloaded and discharged the firearm, causing a bullet to strike a sleeping child in the abdomen, ripping through her torso and exiting her body through her shoulder, bruising her liver,” Assistant District Attorney Sean Doddy said at Jayshienm Daniels’ virtual arraignment in Bronx Criminal Court.

Daniels, who didn’t speak throughout the proceeding, appeared by video with his surgical mask pulled down around his neck.

His girlfriend informed cops that her child was sleeping on an air mattress in the living-room when she heard a gunshot Sept. 23, according to law-enforcement sources. She faced the living room and saw a weapon on the bed and Daniels holding her child.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was loaded,” he allegedly told her, according to police sources.

After the shooting, district attorneys stated that Daniels, 38, and his sweetheart took the girl to Lincoln Medical facility where she was hurried into emergency surgical treatment. He then returned to the house on East 143rd Street near Third Ave, packed his bags and fled to Vermont.

On Monday, he was pulled over for driving without a license and extradited to New York. At the time of his arrest, Daniels had a weapon holster and bullets on him, officials said.

Daniels is charged with assault, Gun ownership, reckless endangerment and threatening the well-being of a child in connection to the woman’s shooting for which he faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Dodd pressed Judge Shari Michels to hold Daniels without bail, calling him a six-time founded guilty drug dealer with 3 parole violations, five felony convictions and an arrest record in 2 various states. He also has an open drug case in Vermont.

But Daniels’ defense lawyer Adam Sheldon countered that his criminal history was mostly more than 8 years old which he has recently turned his life around and works as a painter.

He mentioned that the woman’s mama at first told cops that a complete stranger stormed into the apartment and shot the kid.

The judge ordered Daniels kept in lieu of $150,000 money or bond and issued protective orders in favor of his girlfriend and her daughter.

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