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Lily Collins regrets losing her English accent when she moved to Los Angeles


Lily Collins is sorry for working to lose her English accent when she transferred to Los Angeles,

Lily Collins wishes she still had an English accent.

The 31-year-old actress was born in Surrey but moved to Los Angeles with her mother Jill Tavelman when she was five years of ages after her parents split, and she remembered intentionally altering the method she spoke in order to fit in with her schoolmates after they mocked her pronunciation.

Lily– whose father is musician Phil Collins– stated: “I was the new girl with a very sweet, strong but specific British accent. I was trying to say the names of my classmates but I just pronounced vowels in a very different way and so I got made fun of.

“I quickly realised I wanted to fit in. Now, years later, you’re going, ‘Oh God, I wish I still had that accent.’ “

Lily can currently be seen portraying the titular marketing executive in Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ and she admitted filming the show in the French capital was a dream come true.

Speaking to HELLO! publication, she said: “I’d never been able to spend more than maybe a week in Paris before, so to live and breathe there was amazing.

“We shot in locations that I grew up reading about in history books, visiting as a tourist, or just dreaming about.

“To look at the Louvre from our set with our trailers right next to it or to film at the Paris Opera House was such a surreal moment.”

The brunette beauty – who recently got engaged to boyfriend Charlie McDowell – hopes the show can offer some warmth and happiness to people at such a time of uncertainty amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

She included: “We didn’t know the show was going to come out at a time like this but I’m glad it has. We could all use a little more smiles and laughter.

“To be part of a project that does that and feels optimistic is amazing.”

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