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Mariangela Cerrato gets 4 yrs in prison for putting sedatives in Alice Bordon’s coffee


A woman in Italy has actually been sentenced to four years in prison after she took work rivalry to the extremes– spiking her associate’s coffee as job cuts loomed so the coworker would get fired … and not her.

Mariangela Cerrato of Bra, Piedmont, was found guilty of putting sedatives in Alice Bordon’s coffee over a duration of several months in 2017 to discredit Bordon in front of the company’s bosses.

Bordon informed the newspaper La Stampa¬† she “had always trusted the colleague and was still incredulous that she had tried to ‘eliminate’ her by slipping a tranquilizer into her coffee so that she would feel sleepy and underperform at work.”

Cerrato’s plot began in October 2017 when she purchased Bordon a coffee from a close-by bar.

“Usually I would just sip it, but on that day, I drank it all in one gulp,” Bordon told La Stampa. Bordon went back to work and soon lost her balance noting: “Everything was black, I felt like I was floating.”

Bordon was treated for a presumed stroke at a health center but incidents, consisting of an auto accident, kept happening– constantly after Cerrato got her coffee. Bordon lastly put two and two together after Cerrato took some time off for the holidays that year.

“She had taken a few days off and during that time I was fine,” Bordon told the paper. “I thought there might be a link between the coffee and the [health] crises. A neurologist advised me not to drink it for a month, and that’s what I did.”

The next time she accepted a coffee from Cerrato, she got it checked.

“I put the other half in a test tube and tests revealed that it contained 10 times the amount of tranquilizer that is usually advised,” Borden said, who then alerted the police and set a trap for Cerrato.

“With the police involved, we managed to stop her as she was putting the medicine into my cup.”

Brent Stephens
Brent is a content writer at Drew Reports News, where he covers technology and Entertainment. Previously, he was a foreign correspondent at Drew Reports News based in Seoul, South Korea as well as a venture capitalist with General Catalyst in Palo Alto and Charles River Ventures in Boston and New York. Brent can be reach at brent@drewreportsnews.com
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