Home Entertainment Michael B. Jordan will produce the brand-new Static Shock film

Michael B. Jordan will produce the brand-new Static Shock film


Michael B. Jordan has actually signed up to produce the new ‘Static Shock’ motion picture.

Michael B. Jordan will produce the ‘Static Shock’ film.

The 33-year-old actor has actually joined forces with filmmaker Reginald Hudlin, Warner Bros. and DC to produce the film through Outlier Society, his production company.

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ star Michael told The Hollywood Reporter in a declaration: “I’m proud to be a part of building a new universe around black superheroes; our community deserves that. Outlier Society is committed to bringing to life diverse comic book content across all platforms and we are excited to partner with Reggie and Warner Bros on this initial step.”

Hudlin -who is involved with broadening the imaginative franchise Milestone Media, which is known for superheroes such as Icon, Rocket and Static Shock –  first revealed plans for a ‘Static Shock’ motion picture in August.

He said: “We’re talking with other divisions at Warner Bros, even those in animated about doing (Milestone Media) feature films, and we’re also involved in extending the Milestone characters into new media, like podcasts with a series of stories on podcast. We want to deliver Milestone Media on whatever platform you want.”

‘Static Shock’ follows Dakota-based teenager Virgil Hawkins, who fights criminal activity as a superhero. After strolling into a location where chemical containers blow up, Hawkins gained powers to create, generate, absorb, and control electricity and magnetism.

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